Creative Tokens Introduction
Today's Token
Create your own UVIT and start selling.
Connect UVIT with BIZA-Wallet
Create a wallet in BizAuto Platform Wallet. [UVIT] The upper right corner
Click the login button to connect
BIZA-Wallet and [UVIT] with the QR code generated.
Learn about BIZA-Wallet.
Create my own Token
Click Create button and fill out the required
the info. regarding Token.Add descrition, profile
and banner image(s).
Create a unique Asset token
Upload various pieces such as
image, video, audio or 3D art)
Also specify title, description,
property, Unlockable content,and royalty.
Sell the created Asset token
Asset Token can be sold in limit sale
or auction method.
When a user selects the sales method
UVIT supports your selling.